Saturday, January 31, 2009

Londons Run- 10k

After running our half marathon, Joel expressed interest in running more races. Tarah asked us to run the Londons Run 10k and while Joel was stoked, I was less than thrilled to be running another race so soon. BUT my husband was all for it, so to keep him energized about running, I thought HECK I'll sign us up!!! $60 later... Joel was invited to go golfing with my Dad, Grandpa and Brother In-Law and couldn't turn it down, leaving me to run the race alone. (Tarah was there, but was NO where near, thus, I consider it running alone). It was fun anyways!!!
We all met our goals so it was a fabulous morning!!

Driving Range Date night

When Joel and I were dating, and after we first got married, we went to the driving range almost every weekend.... Times have changed and we have gotten lazy, but last night we went for our first time in a while! It was very depressing because I could barely hit the ball, and yet my husband was janking them out of site. Grrrr... Please pay no attention to my FABULOUS form! ;)

My club is moving so fast you can't even SEE it! Faster than.....sight!?
What an intense picture! I love it!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cardinals Rally

Today at work we had a Cardinals Rally!! We got to relax, eat tons of food and cheer for the Cardinals for 2 hours at work! What a fab day!The Office CHICAS!

Me Breena and Shawna decked out in our cute Cardinals shirts!Me and Shawna!Me and Dad! What could possibly be better than working with your Dad everyday!?


So last night, I went to put my phone on the charger, and saw something out of the corner of my eye. Looked like a bug, but I didn't think much of it and walked away. Then... thought for a second that I may want to check because it was right next to my bed! Good thing I checked because it was a HUGE scorpion crawling up my nightstand!!
(Picture taken on Joels phone, so forgive the poor quality :) )
I HATE scorpions!! So, needless to say, Joel and I both slept on the couch last night. Actually, I slept on the couch cuz I was terrified, and because I have a sweet husband he slept with me for moral support :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/2 Marathon

As many of you know (probably because you've been hearing me complain for two days straight).. Joel and I ran a 1/2 Marathon this past Sunday! It was Joels first race EVER and he kicked BUTT!!
We both called into work Monday because we could hardly walk. (due to our severe lack of training).

This picture is from the Expo the day before the race!On the bus on the way to the race at 6:30, awaiting our demise. I look thrilled :)

At the starting line, telling each other "We can do this, I know we can do this!"

After the race!! "Holy Crap, we made it, next time lets train"
Twiggy ran with us! This picture is insanely disgusting, but its the only one I got with all 3 of us!
Until next year........

My Birthday!!

Yay! Last week I turned the big 2-3! I feel so grown up!
I have put this down on the record as one of my best birthdays in a long time!!
Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends!!

Got my awesome new Pampered Chef Knife (Which I STRONGLY endorse!) and my amazing overnight bag from mi madre y mi padre :)
The best gift I can ask for... MONEY! From my awesome Grandma and Grandpa! Please also note the new Underarmour pants and Nike shirt that Ambo and Tye got me (My new favs)
And what you CAN'T see is the AMAZING NEW CAMERA which is taking these incredible photos! Thank you to my sexy husband and Tarah and Drew for this awesome gift!!!
Thank you to everyone for making my bday great!