Monday, June 27, 2011

7 Months of pure joy!

I just realized that I never did a 7 month post for Vander!
I have been absolutely horrible at taking pictures lately so this is going to be a boring post with no pictures. I will post some updated pictures soon and make an effort to take some!
In the meantime, this is what Vander is up to these days.....
-Can barely scoot...Usually in circles but sometimes forwards
-Loves to move from sitting to stomach to back to stomach- He's a wiggle worm!
-Favorite toys are his squirting bath toys
-Has found his voice and loves to scream and jabber. Not because he's mad, just because he has discovered he can
-Waves his hand all the time, but I don't think he quite understands what it means
-Said his first word this past week. Of course... "DA-DA" much to my dismay ;)
-LOVES Mum-Mum Rice snacks and inhales them and all other food sooo fast. He eats as fast as his Daddy and Mommy :)
-He just started on finger foods this past month and it getting quite good at getting little things to eat in his mouth
-Favorite solid foods to date are Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash
-He's obsessed with his binky
-He loves to pet the doggies and laughs when they lick his face
-He loves to grip my hair and then pull on it
-He sits up on the bench at church and just plays with his toys
-He LOVES water and loves it even more when it is given to him through a straw
-He's a GOOD boy. Very very rarely whines or crys. Almost always has a smile on his face. The sweetest little boy in the world with the happiest spirit.

Most recent measurements as of 6/8/2011.....

Height- 28 inches   - 85 pecentile
Weight- 19 lbs       - 70 percentile
Head- 17.25 inch   - 45 percentile

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Favorite Hobby?

I think this morning Vander found his new favorite hobby and I found very good way to keep Vander entertained while I'm working :) Who knows... maybe this will lead to some very beautiful piano playing in our home some day. ;)

And heck... why not toss a few pictures on here from the past few weeks while I'm at it!

 He loves to TRY to feed himself. I give him his own spoon and let him make an attempt at getting some of the food in his mouth. It usually just makes a huge mess. But he sure does try hard!
This is his favorite way to be carried around by Joel right now. Screw the shoulders, he likes to sit on daddys left shoulder only.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day and Bathtime

This week is a week full of firsts! We had a great memorial day this year at my parents house. We played in the pool with Vander and got to experience his very first swim! The water was quite cold and he didn't even make a peep! What a trooper! He actually was mainly focused on the antennas on his bumble bee floaty and didn't pay much attention to anything else.
Then he went on a "Golfball hunt" which is basically a Craig Grandbaby right of passage with Bop Bop (my dad). Basically each time a grandbaby gets big enough to sit on my dads shoulders without wobbling TOO much he takes them out to the golf course behind their house and they search for stray golfballs together. Every time one of my nieces or nephews got big enough for their big golfball search I always thought how excited I would be for when my own baby would get to do it. And YAY, here it is!!! Vander would only hold onto the golfballs for a very short period before he dropped them on the ground. He'll learn soon enough :)

 His first dunk.... we were waiting for a scream when he hit the cold water (He loves HOT water just like his mama)

 He swam with Joel practically the entire time because I'm a wuss and the water was cold!
 Ready for their big hunt to begin!
 Vander was a little confused when they were literally crawling down INTO a bush to get a ball
 His very first golfball- Of course... STRAIGHT to the mouth- Nice and clean too!
 He looked so cute and tiny out on Bop Bops shoulders
Holding one of the balls they found. Only seconds before he dropped it :)

THEN... Tonight, Vander finally graduated from his little infant/baby bath to his mom and dads nice BIG tub. He LOVED it and was just jibber jabbering the entire time.
 Look at that chunky little monkey! Measured him today and he weighed in at a whoppin 20 lbs!!! Thats the 85 percentile baby! :) This boy loves his food!
 He loves his squirter bath toys! He played with one single animal the entire time. Very easily entertained :)
 The Blue Whale is his very favorite
 My favorite part of his bathtime is his adorable little cellulite bubble butt

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6 Month Pics!

I just got Vander's 6 month photos from Aubry! They turned out so cute! You can practically see into his soul :) He was teething during the shoot and was MUCH less smiley than usual, but it was nice to get some soft gentle pictures of him for once.