Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!!

Yesterday was mine and Joel's 4 year anniversary! We celebrated by having a nice Teppanyaki dinner at Ah-So and followed it up by going to see the movie "Little Fockers". Its amazing how much more important your anniversary seems when you have to arrange a babysitter. It makes it feel like a BIG NIGHT out on the town :)
In celebration of our anniversary.... here are a few funny facts that I adore about my husband
* When he loads the dishwasher he ALWAYS leaves at least one random item in the sink
* He will never drink the last bit out of the milk carton, he just opens a new carton
* His wallet and keys are always mysteriously missing
* He absolutely hates lists.. chore lists... to do lists...
* He doesn't like to return things to stores... Our time is more valuable than the value of the return :)
* He is full of useless knowledge and has a "memory like an elephant"
* The floor of the closet IS his shoe rack :)
* When he knows hes wrong he will rarely admit it, but his facial expressions say it all
* He "hates" my reality tv shows, but is instantly as glued to the tv as I am when I turn it on
* It takes him 45 minutes to fold a load of laundry because he gets distracted wrestling with the dogs
* He cannot stand the sound of someone brushing their teeth
* The smell of baby poop makes him gag
* He has a goofy dorky side that I adore and others rarely get to see

But most importantly of all..
* He has an amazing sense of humor
* Hes a great dad!
* His knowledge of the gospel is unsurpassed
* He has a very strong testimony
* He looks past my faults
* He is SO helpful with our new little man
* He makes me want to be a better person
* His laugh is infectious
* He will rub my feet or scratch my back at the drop of a hat
* He is SO comfy to cuddle with :)
* He is an incredible husband
I love you so much Joel! Happy Annivesary!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vanders Blessing

Vander was blessed yesterday at church. Joel did an amazing job and successfully made me bawl my eyes out :) I was so proud of my two guys. Vander was wide awake and smiley for the entire sacrament meeting and didn't make a peep! He just started smiling for real, with purpose, and I LOVE IT! He looked like a stud in his white blessing suit. Only after the fact did I realize that we didn't take any GOOD pictures of it. Darn it! This is the best we've got! Thank you to Vander for what a wonderful blessing you have already been in your mommy and daddy's lives. We love you so much!!