Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vander Lee- 3 Years Old!!!

Holy cow, I can't believe I have a 3 year old! Where did the last 3 years go? I can't believe I have a little boy that I can sit down with and have a conversation. I explain something to him and he understands. He tells me when I need to be nicer, and reminds me when he needs more mommy time.
I know everytime Vander is an "age" its always my favorite age- but gosh does this take the cake.
I have loved him more every day that he is in this world and I can't even imagine how I could possibly love him more - but I know it will happen!
We had the blessing of celebrating this little boys 3 years this whole week and topped it off with a small party with his closet friends today. His all time favorite thing right now is Jake and The Neverland Pirates, so naturally it was the theme of his party and 90% of his gifts. Our house is now overflowing with Jake and he couldn't be more happy.
If I could sum up my Van man at 3 years old it would be this... He is the most fun, energetic, loving, tender, caring, sweet, happy, excited and sneaky. He loves to give hugs, not just any hug, a long good tight hug. He loves to cuddle, especially under blankees. He likes to teach his little sister anything and everything. He also loves to tell her what not to do. He knows what he wants and is very stubborn. He is practically OCD and needs everything done a certain way. Everything has a place, and everything must go back into its place. When he is doing something he is excited about he will say no to absolutely anything else you present to him. He is caring.. SO caring. He loves to take care of people, make them happy, make them feel better, whatever he can do. He says the best prayers I have ever heard. He listens even when you think hes not listening. He takes pride in anything he does and is very proud of all of his little acheivements. He loves to line things up PERFECTLY, as he has since he was tiny. He loves a routine and does not do well when things are shifted around or changed. He LOVES his friends and being social. He makes friends with anyone and everyone. This includes kids at the play place or the store or anywhere for that matter. They become his good "friends" within minutes and he is genuining heart broken for hours after he leaves his new "friends". He is overall an amazing kid. I could not be more grateful for the little man he has become and look forward to the next year until I can look back and celebrate again!!!
Here are a few pics of his birthday week ;)