Monday, February 27, 2012

Childrens Museum

This post is long overdue- Especially since we went to the Children Museum on February 3rd. FAIL. But- Better late than never! ;)
We have been going to the Phoenix Childrens Museum the last few months since the 1st Friday is Free. It is insanely busy, but Vander absolutely loves it! Since we are cheap, we will probably continue to only go on the 1st Friday of every month until my cheap butt decides to break down and buy a pass :)
 His favorite- Putting balls down the pipes


 Playing with sweet friend Maeli

 Painting water on the rocks

 My little artist
 A little overwhelmed

 He spent 15 minutes just walking up and down this tiny black "ramp"- If you can even call it that.

 The cousins all riding together :)

Learning time

Transportation Day

This Saturday we took Vander to Transportation Day in Ahwatukee. Its safe to say that he couldn't care less about any of the modes of transportation. His favorite part of our morning was the mini petting zoo. He LOVED the big fat disgusting pig. He pet every single animal, but in the middle of our petting zoo extravaganza our memory chip on our camera filled up. :( By the time he was running around petting everything in sight we were frantically deleting pictures. Our bad!
He absolutely adores animals, pretty much any kind of animal. This petting zoo had cows, chickens, goats and a pig and he loved every single one of them!

 Checkin everything out

 So excited about watching the train

 A little unsure at first

 And.. queue extreme excitement about the animals

 Pointing at the pig

 Checkin out the goat

 Petting the goat

 Telling Daddy all about it....


 Playing some games

Showing off his award

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loftin' with daddy

A few weeks ago Joel started on a grand adventure building Vander a loft "Play Fort" for his playroom. Joel has spent countless hours in the garage measuring, cutting, priming and painting wood. Vander has come to LOVE spending time with his daddy playing in the garage. He wanders around and basically distroys our garage, but he absolutely loves it and thats what matters.

Joel hard at work :)

 Vander just starting by dumping milk all over the ground and then walking through it

 Dumping out our bin of painting supplies

 Trying to paint himself with the edge painter

 Just exploring

 Life is wonderful :)

 Putting stuff on his head- His new obsession

Still hard at work amist the craziness.... ;)