Friday, May 27, 2011

Fastest 6 months ever!

I'm about a week late on this post because Vander was actually 6 months on the 19th, but I've been waiting to take a picture of him that is super cute where he looks nice. Well, when you work at home and YOU are in your PJ's all day, your kid is also... Call me a negligent mother.. but my son practically lives in his PJ's. Comfort is key in this household!
Anyways... He just had his 6 month pictures done and hopefully I'll be able to post those adorable pictures soon!
I cannot believe how fast the last 6 months have gone by. I feel like I was just in the hospital having Vander yesterday, but at the same time, I can't even remember what its like to be without him. He continues to bring an overwhelming amount of joy to our home. He is the HAPPIEST baby ever (until this past week when he started teething). We are so so blessed and Joel and I tell eachother literally daily how much we just adore him.
Heres a little about Vander in his 6th month....
-He can roll from back to front, front to back, spin around all over the place
-We can often here him flinging his hips up and banging and twisting up in his crib when we put him down
-For the past month he has been able to find his Binky and then put it in his mouth
-He sleeps in a sea of Binkys, when we wake up in the morning they are ALL behind his back
-He loves to scratch things to feel the texture and to hear the noise of the scratching
-He can sit on the floor for a long time and just play with toys without making a peep
-He has now had almost every solid food under the rainbow (Favorites include Pears, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes)
-He almost always is sucking on his pointer and middle finger and when he smiles or laughs he always shoves his hand in his mouth
-Although he has many toys, his favorite things to play with are Pens, Calculators and the remote. (Come to think of it, all things we throw at him when we're busying working or watching tv....sad)
-He has already had 4 haircuts at the wee age of 6 months
-He LOVES the dogs and laughs when they lick his face
-He just barely started scooting himself around on the floor, but he can only go a matter of inches
-He loves to spin and twist and practically crawl off of the changing table
-He has started teething and we expect a tooth to appear any day now!
-He giggles and laughs so hard when Joel kisses his face. Probably because of Joels furry facial hair.

 Naptime with Daddy
 On our way to softball!
 Just chillin in the pj's
 His first finger foodish thing :) Mum-Mum

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lunch Time Swimmin'

Today Vander and I spent my lunch break taking a nice little "swim" in Vanders new pool he got from the Easter Bunny. This was his first "swim" and he was a little confused. Mostly because our psychotic dog Wymme was running around the tiny pool in circles whining trying to figure out how to dive in. Vander spent most of his time watching her run around the pool in circles. I'm sure this summer will consist of many lunch breaks of swimming and chillin in the sun- One of the many blessings of working from home.
 In his beach bum outfit. Prepared for his big swim!

Take note of our stupid dog pouting on the side of the pool.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

Joel and I ran the most amazing race today that I have ever run in my life.. and I've run a lot of races!!!
The race was called the warrior dash. It was a 3.4 mile run with 12 obsticals along the way.
Obsticals were as follows:
-Jumping over 6 half walls and under 6 strands of barbed wire
-Running up and down dirt hills
-Running through a river
-Climbing over a junk yard with cars and tires
-Climbing up a 20 foot stack of hay
-Climbing up and down a cargo net
-Climbing up and down 15 foot wall with a rope
-Running over a long balance beem plank
-Running through a maze of bunge cords
-Climbing over a horizonal cargo net
-Jumping over fire pits
-Climbing through a mud pit
It was a BLAST. The obsticals were my very favorite part and the running was just kinda thrown in there. Check it out at
The last obstical was the mud pit and it was EXTREMELY messy. Joel dove in, so he was literally covered from head to toe in mud.
After the race, you walk about 1/8 mile over to some water trucks that spray you with fire hoses. Even after being sprayed with a fire hose we were STILL covered in mud.
It was so freaking fun. Needless to say, we are already mentally signed up for Warrior Dash 2012 :)
 BEFORE: Nice and clean. We ran with a bunch of friends from work :)
 The rocks at the bottom were shredding my knees. I had to try to crawl under the barbed wire without rubbing my knees
 Joel literally JUMPED in
Joel JUMPING into the mud 
 Caked with mud :) It ended up drying and we could all barely move
 AFTER: All extremely muddy
 This is where you "rinse off".... In another pit of mud...
 As you can see, although "rinsed", we were still a mess... And then we were absolutely freezing, wet and muddy...