Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is getting rediculous...

I'm almost embarrassed to post this.... I feel like I'm having deja vu....

After the OVERWHELMING excitement we felt with the fact that we were finally getting a new home, we regretfully had to AGAIN cancel our contract.

With the terrible economy, scary job security and the nagging feeling that a child should be our first priority we have made the sad decision to put off our home purchase for a year or two.

Please check back in 4 months when we decide to write another offer.... ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008


As of Saturday we are now purchasing a new home!! :)
Now we have the task of trying to rent out our current home!
If you know anyone who would be interested renting our home please let me know! If someone finds me a good renter, I will pay you $350!

Here are the details...

Located within Ahwatukee

Lease Price: $1050
Bed: 2
Bath: 2

CLICK HERE for a VisualTour of this listing.

Thank you in advance to anyone who passes this along! :) We need to find someone by January!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 things..

I saw this on Headies Blog.. and since she tagged me about 4 months ago, I'm finally doing as I was asked... Sorry it took so long.... ;)

Favorite Last 3 Purchases:

1. Running Shoes! Wahoo! No more numb feet.. actually they still give me numb feet, so.. hrmmm2. Granite Counters! Away with the Laminate! (A purchase that was made immediately after our "New House" fell out of escrow :( )

3. Nintendo WII! We always said if we happened to find one, we'd invest, and we LOVE it! Thx Tarah for finding us one!!
3 Biggest Fears:

1. Death :( Mostly of Family Members... I find myself randomly bawling my eyes out because I don't want my parents to die.... My husband thinks I'm crazy..

2. Debt.... The thought of credit card debt, or well, any debt for that matter makes me start sweating. Hence the reason why I control the money in the house.. otherwise i'd only wear white shirts.. :)
3. Sacrament talks... I have no idea why... When I was a youth, though I was nervous, I could give a talk no problem. Now I'm an adult and the thought makes me want to puke and makes the tears start streaming..

3 Favorite Movies

1. The Notebook: A classic that I must have watched at least 30 times while Joel was on his mission.

2. PS. I love you: I cried through the entire thing, but I think this was one of the best movies I've ever seen
3. The Breakup: This movie made me DIE laughing because every arguement between the two of them throughout the movie was a mirror image of the few arguements the joel and I ALWAYS get in. "I want you to WANT to do the dishes"

3 Facts About Me:

1. I ran hurdles from age 12 to 18. It is still my deep passion and when I see it on TV I get chills. I miss it so much!!

2. My sister and I married brothers. Its one of my favorite interesting facts to tell people. Perhaps cuz its one of the only truely "interesting" things about me :)
3. My husband and I met when I was 16. He left for his mission when I was 18 and I waited the whole 2 years for him, without going on so much as ONE date. In otherwords, I was a hermit for 2 years! :)

3 Things I haven't done yet

1. Had a Baby... Soon enough I suppose!

2. Lost weight... Yup still trying!! Workin my butt off, but thats not so literal as I can't lose a freakin pound!!! Erggggg
3. Haven't had the fabulous opportunity to be a stay at home mom... Jealous of my 2 sisters and mom.. :)

3 Things I couldn't live without:

1. My husband! He is my VERY best friend. I have more fun just sitting and talking to him than I have doing anything else. I would die without my husband. He falls into the "fear of death, sitting up at night bawling" catagory listed above :)

2. My family! I am a MAJOR family person. I would rather hang out with my family than anyone. My parents are probably mine and my husbands best friends, and we hang out with them more than we hang out with anyone. My parents are so young at heart that it feels like we're just hangin out with another young couple. My sisters are the glue hold me together. They are the best examples of what I someday hope to be. They are both incredible Moms, Wives and even better sisters :)

3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Everything I am is because I am a member of this church. I cannot find ONE aspect of my life that hasn't been changed for the better BECAUSE I am part of this incredible church.

3 Things on my To-Do List:

1. Buy Food Storage. This has been on my To-Do List for months. And I'm well aware that if we buy it we will be blessed. But the thought of spending a couple hundred on something that we might not use is difficult to grasp. But spare me the speeches, I'm well aware that I need it :)

2. Train for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon! Ekkkkk.. Since my not so successful purchase of my new running shoes I'm not too excited to get back out and start training again..
3. Christmas Shopping. I have no idea what the dog has to do with it.. I just thought it was funny. And a great representation of how I feel once I'm finally done Christmas Shopping!

3 Places I've Lived:

1. Colorado. I LOVE Colorado and would move back in a heartbeat.. However my husband doesn't share the same enthusiastic attitude..

2. Michigan. Much to everyones surprise, I loved Michigan! Perhaps because I love the snow and I love that people don't have their noses stuck 4 feet in the air . :) Tee hee hee

3. California. Don't remember it a bit, but I'm sure it was great!

3 Favorite TV Shows:

1. LOST. My newest favorite! Joel and I have watched all seasons on TV in just 2 months time.

2. GREYS ANATOMY. Oh yes. Everyone thinks its getting rediculous, but I can't help but love it!
3. The Soup! I LOVE The Soup! Joel McHale is my favorite... Hes so much like my husband its scary. And it makes fun of all the retarded shows I love SO much. And all the RETARDED people in this world.

3 Places I've Traveled:

1. Jamaica. This is one of my favorite places! Mainly cuz the people are so laid back, trusting, and Happy!

2. Cayman Islands. Another of my favorites! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place!

3. Hawaii... And I'm not posting a picture because it takes too long and everyone knows what Hawaii looks like :)

3 Favorite Desserts:

1. I would DIE without the existance of DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARDS! (speakin of weightloss..... :) )

2. I love CUPCAKES! Cuz they have a whole bunch of that incredible frosting piled on the top. MMMMMmmmM
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies. An Ingram house specialty and obsession. Actually... A Joel Ingram obsession that is taken over by me once they are made and sitting being ever so tempting on the counter.
3 Things I would buy if money wasn't an issue:

1. Clothes. Tons and tons of it! I can't remember the last time I went out and bought a ton of clothes. Or the last time I went out and bought ANY clothes for that matter... I see a shopping spree in my future... And I'm not posting anymore pictures because I'm going to KILL Blogger because its RETARDED!!

2. A house. While I LOVE my adorable little 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 1054 Square Foot Home. I am anxious to upgrade! :)

3. A Baby.. Not that you can actually pick one up at the store... :) But if I could INVEST in something with my money, A Baby would be FANTASTIC!

3 Wishes:

1. I wish My husband would hurry up and graduate so we could move forward with our lives! :)

2. I wish Gas prices would continue on their downward spiral... No complaints :)

3. I wish I could be a honeymooner my entire life :) Not a care in the world but Love! What a way to live!

3 People I tag.........

1.Brittani Hamilton 2. Amber Carlson 3. Natalie Hansen

And so the Christmas Shopping Begins....

EVERYONE'S invited to a Planetjill Party!

Planetjill items are GREAT as Christmas gifts for....
Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Husbands, Wives, Nieces, Nephews and the list goes on!

When: Thursday November 20th at 6:30pm (Come and Go)

Where: 1564 W. Saltsage Dr. Phoenix 85045

Browse PLANETJILL.COM before you come to get an idea of what you may like to order. You do not have to bring your photos to the party, you can email them to Kasey after the party.

If you can't make it to the party, its okay! You can always order online at Planetjill.com! Shipping is free until November 15th, and if you say you worked with a rep.. (ME!).. you receive an ADDITIONAL $10 off!! :)

If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to give me a call! 602.370.5904