Thursday, March 29, 2012

How quickly things change....

I think it is probably safe to say that this has been the most stressful, emotional and overwhelming week of my life. Here I am now 40 weeks pregnant, so uncomfortable, so exhausted and all I want, or wantED was this baby OUT! After countless prayers of begging for relief from the discomfort and emotional roller coaster, my prayers went un-answered and I just have had to tell myself, "She'll come when she's supposed to come!"
Turns out that that couldn't have turned out to be more accurate.
Sunday night, after professing to my entire family that I was DONE, Joel and I went home and got ready for bed. While laying in bed watching some of our good ol reality TV shows. Joel suddenly says, "I think I need to go see a Doctor soon". Of course my next question was, "Okay, whys that?". He follows up by explaining that he just noticed a large mass one of his testicles and it just doesn't feel right. I was instantly in an emotional panic and you could tell he was as well. We both quickly turned to our phones and started googling for about an hour straight.
After countless articles, and good ol WebMD, almost everything we looked at lead to Testicular Cancer. Of course at this time its 10:30 on Sunday night and there is absolutely nothing that either of us can do but TRY to sleep and worry about it in the morning. I think we both didn't sleep a wink.
The next morning Joel had already scheduled to go golfing with the men in my family, and didn't return from that until about 1:00pm. We immediately headed to the Urgent Care and both held out a glimmer of hope that they would tell us it was nothing and send us right home.
Instead, Urgent Care was followed by an immediate rushed appointment for an ultrasound. Results of the ultra sound got back late Monday night and all that we were told is that we need to see a urologist. By this time it is 6pm on Monday night and of course by then every urologist office in town was closed, thus leading to another night of absolutely no sleep for either of us.
Tuesday morning I devoted the entire morning to calling urologists in the valley to see if anyone could get us in. Not a single office had a same day appointment available. After explaining to one urologist receptionist that I was pregnant and due the NEXT day (Wed, 28th) she kindly said that she would have the doctor in their office look at the ultrasound and would get back to us in 20 minutes.
Sure enough, 20 minutes later the office called back and said "The doctor reviewed the ultrasound and can get you in in the next 2 hours". While I was absolutely thrilled that someone was willing to squeeze us in, it was evident that they were willing to squeeze us in for a reason which was also a little disheartening.
We met with the urologist around noon on Tuesday and it was an extremely quick appointment. It took the doctor only a quick exam and a review of the ultrasound to determine that surgery and removal would be required. Not only did the doctor want surgery performed, he wanted it done immediately. 10 minutes later, Joel is scheduled for surgery very ironically ON my due date the following day. You can imagine my panic when I realized that I MUST hold this baby in for 24 hours at the very least if I want my husband to attend the delivery of his 2nd baby. This ended up working out pretty well for me however, as it helped take my attention away from the surgery itself, and put my focus solely on trying not to have contractions. So turns out, not even 48 hours after this mass was discovered, Joel is scheduled for surgery! While the speed at which everything happened was VERY overwhelming, I am so grateful that everyone we worked with worked so quickly for us on our tight timeframe.
My mom, Joel and sister basically helped me to not lift a finger all of Tuesday and Wednesday to ensure no contractions whatsoever.
Tuesday night was yet another sleepless night for us both- Joel of course was anxious because of his surgery the next day. I spent the entire night up paying attention to every little cramp and ache and trying not to move and start any sort of contractions.
Wednesday came, surgery was complete and everything went wonderfully. The doctor said that based off of what they saw during the surgery it looks as though everything was confined to the small mass they removed. They said on a range from "Best Case Scenerio" to "Worst Case Scenerio" we are darn near best case scenerio. We will not have the results of the biopsy until next week sometime and until then we won't know much of anything- but we are very optimistic that everything is going to be just fine.
Now here it is, one day after my due date, and I could not be more grateful that this baby has not arrived. My husband is supposed to be "off his feet" for 1-2 weeks to recover and that makes having a 1 year old, and trying not to go into labor practically impossible- But the help of friends and family has been overwhelming!!
I can't help but think while we are going through this absolute craziness at possibly the worst time, how frustrated I was just a week ago when sweet baby Presley would not make her arrival. My prayers were going unanswered, I was in tears and misrable, and now its just like the song says "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.".  On the other hand, our prayers have been answered in so many other ways- The fact that she remains unborn giving her daddy time to heal and that everything went SO well in the surgery. And even more the fact that we have been so blessed with amazing support around us.
Joel is doing very well- He is extremely sore but is very happy also that everything has been taken care of. We feel so blessed and we are grateful for all the love and support we have received.
Now we just need to hope that this little girl remains unborn for just a FEW more days.

Joel holding his "detonator" and ready for surgery :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

16 Months and loving life!

My little man is growing like a friggin weed. Everyday he understands more, gets more interactive and is more fun! Just when I think I couldn't possibly adore him any more, he surprises me and makes me do just that. I have become an absolutely obsessed mother, and I make NO apologizes to those around me.

Heres what my little stud is up to these days...

-He loves to imitate everything Joel or I do- This includes shaving, brushing teeth, brushing hair, putting on makeup- Pretty much anything. He is so observant!
-He loves to run from us. Especially when he has something hes not supposed to
-If you ask him if he wants to do something-anything, he lets out a short scream of excitement which closely resembles "yeah!"
-If you ask him to go get anything, he knows exactly where to go to get it
-He has an obsession with animals. Mostly Safari animals, but also farm animals.
-He knows the sound a cow, horse, bear, tiger, dog, bird, snake, giraffe, elephant and gorilla make. I'm sure I'm missing a few, but you get the drift
-He has recently come to enjoy the TV much to my dismay. He especially loves his "animal shows".
-He loves to be outdoors just like always. Walks are his absolute favorite but he could also play in the backyard for hours on end
-He loves giving kisses and hugs. Hes a total love bug
-He flirts with adult women like its his job. And he sure does get the ladies laughing
-He pouts anytime anyone leaves him, doesn't matter who it is- he hates to see people go
-He loves his new big boy bed. He gets right into bed everynight no questions asked and usually lays down quickly thereafter on his pillow
-His most recent obsession is strawberries, but he still adores pancakes, mac and cheese and tacos
-He loves to watch himself on video- He just laughs at himself- He thinks hes so funny
-He is a GREAT little boy who makes being a mother the most amazing blessing in the world

By this time next month, this amazing little guy will also be a big brother! :) Life is about to get just a LITTLE more exciting in the Ingram household ;)

Playing horsey with Daddy. Aka- his best friend in the world :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012


My sweet baby LIVES for the outdoors. Every morning when he wakes up the first thing he does is go in the backyard or at the very least point to it and ask to go "Out-sigh".
He has a shovel and a bucket, some veggies and other odds and ends and could spend hours out there. As noted in my previous post, if he wants to go outside, and we will not let him, he just takes matters into his own hands and goes through the doggie door. This has become nearly and everyday occurance.
I dread the day when its 120 degrees outside and he no longer can spend hours on end out there. Until then, we will enjoy this awesome weather!!

 Scooping up rocks

 Busy busy boy!

 Selecting which outside toy he would like at the moment

 Our grass after Vander has added several scoops of rocks all over it

 Vander having a blast helping daddy sweep up his rock mess

 Daddys little helper cleaning off the patio

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Training- First Baseball Game!

This past weekend my parent were given tickets to a Diamondbacks Spring Training game and were kind enough to invite us along. Although the night would have been quite a bit more relaxing had we left Van at home- we were thrilled to be able to take him to his first baseball game!
Half way through the game, my memory card was maxed out, and upon trying to delete a few photos from previous weeks, I instead deleted everything I had taken that night so far :(
Luckly we were still there, so I still was able to snap some more photos! Vander had a rough time at first but quickly found entertainment in flirting with the ladies sitting behind us. He would give a little glare, then a flirty smile, then giggle- And this continued for a good 45 minutes. I love this boy!!!

 A view from our seats... My view of home plate was blocked by a very large head the entire time.

 The one single moment in the night where Van sat perfectly still

 I adore this little boy

 Keeping busy with his animals

 Loving on his favorite blankee

 The progression of flirting... First comes glare....

Then comes goofy smile
Then cute little smile.... And then the cycle repeats....
 Jabbering daddy's ear off

His excited scream while sitting in his very own seat :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Animal Sounds starring Vander

Joel took this video on his phone- He has the view turned around so Vander can see himself- Vander thinks he is HILARIOUS.
The sound the giraffe makes is a giraffe eating leaves ;)
He makes the sound of the snake as he is running away :)
These animal sounds are so cute and hilarious.

15 Months and CRAZY ;)

I'm a WEE bit behind in my monthly update post... So maybe this should be a 15/16 month post.
This past month has been an absolute blast. Vander is learning so much and is growing like a weed. I say this at just about every stage of his life- but this is my very favorite stage! He is so interactive and so smart. We just adore him!!

Heres what Van is up to these days....
- He still loves being "outsi" as he says (outside). He would spent hours out in the backyard a day if we would let him
- If we do not let him go "outsi" he just takes matters into his own hands and crawls through the doggie door
- He is FAST- and mischeivious- If he knows he has something hes not supposed to, he makes a mischeivous face and just runs
- He loves to be naked and run around the house
- He loves baths and showers
- He can make the animal sounds for a doggie, giraffe (my personal favorite), gorilla, lion, tiger, snake, elephant, monkey, cow, pig and horse
-He loves milk- he drinks at least a gallon a week. And would drink more if we let him
-He loves his big boy bed! He has finally adjusted and actually loves laying on his big boy pillow.
-He is obsessed with his blankee
-He makes a hilarious pouty face when family or friends that he loves leave him or say bye bye
-He can distroy the entire house in a matter of minutes but particularly loves distroying our pantry or our office
-He is a major flirt- He gives girls bashful flirty stares everywhere we go
-He loves watching what Joel and I do, and then immediately trying to do the same
-New favorite food is probably Mac and Cheese
-He LOVES chocolate candy. Especially if it comes with peanut butter
-He does a pretty darn good job eating with a fork and/or spoon. At least with most food
-He loves playing keep away with the dogs and teasing them with their ball
-He can open any lever handle door now.... thats fun....
-He loves giving kisses and will almost always give them on request
As he always has been- he is the most FUN and entertaining boy ever. Joel and I just sit back and laugh at how hilarious he is. His little personality is so strong and hes such a lover and snuggle bug. He is extremely energetic and definately a mess maker, but he has a very gentle loving side that is to die for. We love our sweet boy and are anxious to meet his baby sister this month!!!! :)

Most Recent Stats:
Weight- 22lbs 2oz (20%)
Height- 32"(75%)
Head- 18" (20%)

 Climbing through the doggie door- A daily occurance

 Making the biggest mess possible

 Making more messes

Childrens Museum- He loves stacking! :)