Thursday, August 16, 2012

Full time work- Full time parents

I have been asked so many times how it is possible for me and Joel to both work full time and have 2 kiddos at home all day to take care of. The truth is... If our kids weren't amazing, it would be impossible. We have our days where they make it nearly impossible to work (of COURSE, they are human)- but more often than not, they will sit and play and will accept little bouts of mommy and daddy attention as sufficient. Vander will often come sit on my lap for hours with YouTube playing on half my work screen watching farm videos while he sits quietly and I get my work done.
We feel blessed to have the opportunity for me and Joel to spend all day together and the extra bonus of spending all day with our kids as well. Its not always easy- but the kids make it the easiest they possibly could on us! Joel and I also make quite a good team which helps immensley :)

 Van wanted me to take pictures of him while he was sitting on my lap watching e-i-e-i-o- Note the pen on his face.. obviously he had been into my office supplies.. Yes- I am in a bathing suit top- taking my progress pictures tracking my cross fit results ;)

 Perfectly content watching me work and playing with my calculator

 He could stay busy ALL DAY playing with his animals and his farm

 Another lifesaver- the exersaucer- Baby heaven

Work intermission- play time with lil sis

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My buddy

This little man is my BUDDY lately... Attached to my hip and I love it so much.
Add the fact that he is at the cutest stage ever and it makes for a good life ;)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Best buddies for life

When we decided to have 2 kids very close together- Our hope was that they would be so close in age that they would be best friends and keep eachother very occupied and busy. Obviously they will also have moments when they will be worst enemies.. but that comes with the territory...
Since having Presley- Vander has of course loved her, but just this past week he now always wants to kiss her, hold her, hold her hands and tickle her ALL the time. He is finally realizing that this is his buddy for life. It makes me SO HAPPY to see him love her so much. I can't help but get a little choked up watching him try to pick her up, and give her kisses. To see her give him a huge smile everytime he talks to her just melts my heart.
I adore my children- I feel SO blessed and I love them more than I can express in words. What an amazing blessing being a mom is!

Friday, August 3, 2012

How dare you feed me THAT!

Yup- Rice cereal time... She was all smiles until the second I put the spoon in her mouth. Much like her brother, she made hilarious faces the entire time I fed her. Couldn't help but snap a few photos :)