Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bowling : A First

Last night we took Vander bowling with my sisters and their families and my parents. This was Vanders first bowling experience. Its funny how once your a parent its no big deal to just sit back and watch and not actually play. It was SO much fun watching Vander bowl- and although he had lost almost complete interest only 40 minutes into the night, he really enjoyed those 40 minutes :)
We will definately be doing this more often!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

What an amazing Christmas we had this year!
We have the amazing blessing to have my sister and her family in town as well as my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and Grandparents. Having family in town was just the icing on the cake this year!
We started out the weekend festivities with a Christmas Light Limo bus ride with the entire Craig family. We drove around (All 22 of us) for 3 hours visiting various houses with amazing lights/light shows. Then wrapped up our night as Bosa Donuts. I am pretty confident that the kids could have been put in the bus by themselves and driven around town with no destination and they would have been thrilled. They just wrestled and played in the back and the Christmas Lights were an added bonus. SO much fun!
Then we spent Christmas Eve with the Ingram family at our house listening to the story of Christmas and then Polar Express- Which we got about 3 minutes into before all kids were distracted and no longer listening. Then we finished off the night with our traditional Christmas family games. Eric, new brother in-law of the family continued to win EVERY game as he always seems to do... Beginners luck... ;)
Then Christmas was spent bouncing from house to house but the lions share was spent with the Craig family. It was mad craziness having all 9 grandkids and everyone else in one house opening gifts but it was a blast. The kids spent the rest of the afternoon/evening distroying the house and then the latter part of the evening swimming in Bop Bop and Grandmas pool.
Overall an AMAZING Christmas season this year. We feel so blessed for all that 2012 has brought us- between the ups and the very far downs of this crazy year- we have SO much to be grateful for this year. Our beautiful kids, a wonderful marriage, good health and amazing family are at the top of the list.
Thank you to everyone who helped us through our struggles of 2012- How blessed we are to have such supportive friends and family!
Heres to an amazing 2013!!
 All 9 cousins together and matching :)

 The whole clan out to see Christmas lights!

 Van having a blast with his cousins and my cousin Josh :)

 In a yard watching some lights play to music

 Van was in heaven with all the lights!

 Then we got to the Mesa Temple and since we wouldn't let Vander run like a crazy man around in the mob of people he threw a tantrum
 While he was still throwing it- we tried taking a family photo

 Helping Mommy make Santas cookies!

 Cookies and Milk for Santa- Carrotts for the Reindeer

 Reading Polar Express

 Playing Christmas Bingo- Reese won ;)

 The good ol Christmas Tree game... I almost won.. until it was STOLEN from me..

 Darn you Eric...... I wanted those movie tickets..

 Santas loot!

 Always the most excited for the candy

 Santa brought her her first baby doll

 They both LOVE their new kitchen. Vander was cooking his animals in the microwave.

 Just rummaging through all the stocking stuff

 When no one is watching, she does things like this... This girl is crazy

 Joel assembling Vans new water table. Can't wait for summer for this one!

 Eating Wendy's delish breakfast cassarole!

 Chompin on crackers while we open gifts

 LOVING the new Minnie Mouse from Grammy

 New Farm sounds book from Grammy- HEAVEN

 And..... past nap time... melting into Minnie

 I got a new camera lens from Joel for Christmas.. I couldn't help but snap a few pics of my dad and Presley with it. These were a few cute ones I just had to post :)

 Her new owl sleeping bag. Thanks Grandma and Bop Bop!

Swimmin time with Daddy! Only in AZ! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Lights & Gingerbread Houses

The other night we took a little walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Last year Van was too little to understand and appreciate the lights- so this year he was SO excited by every little tiny set of lights. The smallest decoration in a yard made him so excited. Our neighborhood ended up being hardly decorated, so it was a very short walk but they loved it!

Then last night we had the LeBarons and the Hendersons over for some delish Zupas! Nothing better than Soup and Grilled Cheese on a cold winter night ;) Then we had what started as a friendly gingerbread house decorating competition. Who would have thought that a gingerbread competition would cause so much marital fueding and threats between friends across the table. (cough.. BECCA..cough)...  :)
It was a fun little night! Van's little girlfriend Blake got sent home early for sleep, so Van and his bud Navy stayed up WAY past bedtime just playing and being SO good. They must have played together quietly on the ipad in the other room for at least 45 minutes cheering and clapping with eachother.
A great night with great friends!!

 Bundled up, looking studly and ready to look at lights!

 Cuddling with Daddy after lights

 She was just watching Vander play in the back yard


 this one is for you Becca ;)

 Don't be fooled by the apparent careful construction...

 Van was VERY confused as to why I wouldn't let him eat the candy

 Left- Hendersons   Middle- Ingrams   Right- LeBarons
Hendersons about... 5 minutes later.. Dont give me nasty glares BRUCE. Blame your faulty construction...

 When Vander was asked which one he liked best... He picked ours... Thats my boy! Then when asked again 2 minutes later he picked the Hendersons...

The winner according to an OFFICIAL survey of Facebook friends... THE INGRAMS. WOOT WOOT. Better luck next year friends ;)