Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sissy Jumpin

Today baby P had her first experience with the Johnny Jumper! Vander loved it and she seemed quite happy bouncing around in it too. Shes a strong little monkey!

 Van giving baby sis kisses :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Presley Brooke - 3 Months - The peanut

Well...don't I suddenly feel like the worst mom ever.. Here I am posting the 19th Monthly update on Vander- and I realize that I haven't posted a single one for my little 3 month old sweetheart.
I also just realized that I haven't sent a birth announcement either- so now I feel like a super schmuck. I really do love you very much Presley, life is just a lil hectic!
Anywho- I don't even know where to begin with this little girl... She is INCREDIBLE. We always said that Vander was a tough act to follow, and we were pretty much doomed with this 2nd baby. But I think Presley has possibly shown up her big brother.
This little angel has been sleeping through the night for a month and a half now (Starting at 6 weeks) and even before 6 weeks she would only wake up once, every morning at 4am to eat. She now goes to sleep every night around 10 and wakes up at about 9 every morning. She wimpers when shes hungry, shes whines when shes tired- but it is rare that she will all out CRY about anything.
She loves to smile, she loves to kick and she loves to try to shove both her fists in her mouth at the same time.
She hates her carseat and she loves TV. Both opposite of her big brother who loved his carseat and couldn't care less about the TV.
So now the question is... do we DARE attempt baby #3? Or just call it good with our two amazing kids :) We feel so blessed!!!

3 Month Stats:
23 1/2 Inches - 50%
9lbs 15oz - 10%
13 Inch Head - 10%

Vander Lee - 19 Months- The helper

I think nearly every month I think to myself "This is my FAVORITE stage". But now I have realized, its true.. the older he gets, the more I just ADORE him. His personality is just so infectious and I just absolutely love my little boy.
Vander is constantly happy! He runs around with a giant grin on his face at almost all times. He is tender hearted and loves to spend time with his family. He loves his little sister and is so sad when she cries. He has become quite the little helper lately. He wants to help with absolutely everything. It generally ends up making a 1 minute task take about 10 minutes, but seeing him so excited about helping is well worth it. His newest favorite is to help make pancakes. He cracks the eggs, pours the milk, mixes the batter and loves every second. Aside from his sweet desire to help with everything- this is what my little man is up to these days...

-He is obsessed with his blankee- STILL- only the obsession is growing...
-He loves to distroy his room and pull everything out of the dressers if we leave him in there awake too long
-He loves to sing songs, but doesn't know all the words, so alot of the time he just mumbles to the same tune as a song. His favs are twinkle twinkle and Old MacDonald
-A new word he has learned quite well the last week... "MINE!".. OY VEY!!
-He will repeat almost anything you ask him to say
-He is an all star saying please and is getting pretty good at Thank you also.
-He likes to pull you to whereever he wants you to go. He'll grab your hand and just pull you around
-His favorite snacks of all time are gold fish and fruit snacks. He could have those two for every meal :)

He has become so interactive and so fun. Such a blessing to our family!!
We love you Van man!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Utah Road Trip

Last year when Vander was born Joel and I both were blessed with a 3 month maternity leave. With that we decided to hit the road with our fresh little man and travel to see the extended family in Utah. With Presley, although I was not blessed with the 3 month maternity leave this time around, Joel thankfully was!
So we hit the road and took a nice short 12 hour drive to Salt Lake City with two little ones in tow.
Thankfully Vander was more than content watching Lion King, Lion King 1/2 and Lion King 2 the entire way there and back. Its safe to say he kinda likes Lion King :) He only became grumpy come time to sleep in the car because hes a tummy sleeper like his mom and it is NOT comfortable to sleep sitting up straight in a car. Presley did amazing and only cried once when her ears were probably popping and then every 3-4 hours when it was time to eat.
Overall a very successful road trip! We had a blast seeing family and can't wait to come up again when we have baby number 3... Which is NOT a pregnancy annoucement otherwise I would probably be laying dead on the floor right now from shock.... ;)

 Vander loved playing in grandma and grandpa tatts backyard...


What happens when Vander plays on a plastic chair
(It falls backwards.... Picture captured mid fall)

 What mom and dad do to the chair to prevent future flips...

 What vander does when we don't let him play on the chair anymore... pure rage

 Hanging out with daddy on grandpas comfy chair

 Presley snuggling with Grandma Tatt

 Park time with family. Loving the chalk- not to draw with, but to put the pieces in and out of the box... over and over and over

 Our little sweet girl just chillin

 Vander trying VERY hard to get the chalk out of the plastic wrap

 Hogle Zoo.... I THINK Vander may love animals ;)

 Pure JOY of seeing an elephant!

 Break time for sissy to eat

 Best buddies