Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sissy Mongo- AKA Presley - 7 Months

Yes- We call our daughter Sissy Mongo.. No clue where the name came from- but it has stuck. She also goes by Pressy and Pressy Brooke- but mostly Sissy and Sissy Mongo. I am fairly confident that if we called her Presley Vander would have no idea who we were talking about.
Well- Our little sweetheart is 7 months old today and man have the last 7 months flown by!!
She is no longer a little helpless baby- she is getting strong and moving,  talks and loves being social! She smiles huge when you smile at her and kicks her feet with excitement when you even make eye contact with her. She will sit for an hour by herself doing nothing and not make a peep.
She goes down in history as the single happiest baby I have ever met in my life.
7 Month Stats:
Weight: 14lb 9oz  - 10th Percentile
Height: 27" -  75th Percentile
Head: 16.5" - 25th Percentile
Shes long and lean ;)

Here's what this little girl is up to these days...

-Eating solids- LOVES Carrotts and Pears the most - HATES Green Beans
-Loves Baby Mum Mum's just like her big brother did
-Is starting to scoot and pull herself around- SO close to crawling
-Can roll, spin and scoot herself just about anywhere
-Can sit up on her own, but still occationally will fall over without support
-Will grab anything within her reach- magnet hands
-Is in 3-6 month clothes still- 6-9 is still a little big on her but ALL of her pants are too short
-Thinks her big brother is the funniest person alive
-LOVES her daddy.. likes mommy too ;) But LOOOOOVES daddy
-Super ticklish- loves to giggle
-Still sleeps like a champ! Takes about 4-5 hours of naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night.. Feel like we barely see her!
-SO happy- Never EVER cries- unless her brother throws something at her head... which happens more often than we would like ;)

And Crawling.... (Still a beginner) ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crusin'- Celebrating 6 Years!

This past week Joel and I were able to get away on our first trip alone in over 2 years! It was heartbreaking to leave the kids at first as I have never spent more than 12 hours away from either one of them- but once we realized they were not missing us at all- it was easy to kick back and enjoy the vacation!
We took a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas out of New York with our good friends The Henderson's and their in-laws (who we did not know prior to the cruise, but would now also consider good friends ;) ) and we had an absolute blast! I must admit that we spent nearly every night scrolling through pictures of our kids and watching videos of our kids- and we did FaceTime with them about 8 times while we away - but we got away which was a big enough struggle in and of itself!
It was so great to relax and have not a care in the world, no place to be, no one to take care of, just us. We are so grateful to have spent the last week with eachother and with such amazing friends!

Room Service... yes please :)

 Eating- for probably the 8th time that day :)

 Tender Ride from Great Stirrup Cay- Norwegian's Private Island

 Butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios
So delicious that one was not sufficient

 A wicked Ping Pong duel

 Some absolutely horrid karaoke

And some highly entertaining karaoke ;)
And an AWESOME trip!! Thanks Hendersons!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Vertuccio Farms = Vander Heaven

As I said previously- Joel and I are getting ready to embark on our first trip away from the kids ever.... For 7 days...
In an effort to have as MUCH fun with them as possible before we leave (and because I am highly emotional about leaving the kids) we decided to take them to nearby Vertuccio Farms to get some good family time in. We took Vander last year, but he was only about 11 months old and didn't really care or get it. This year is a WHOLE different story. Animals are Vanders life. Farms are Vanders life.. And Vertuccio Farms has both. We had to literally drag Vander away. I look forward to making this our annual tradition!

 Just along for the ride. :)

 This year since I got to ride with him on the train! Last year I was a wee too pregnant. :)

 Sissy even got to go for a ride with daddy!

 The donkey quickly became his favorite after he watched me feed it corn... He picked up a pile of rocks and was carrying it around telling us he wanted to feed it to the "ha"- which is a donkey.. because it says he-ha...

 He was running from animal to animal screaming each different type of animal as he ran.

 Feeding the Ducks!

 Jumping on the giant air trap

My two favorite babies- quick updates

Nothing much new here this week! Joel and I are getting ready to head out on our FIRST vacation alone in over 2 years. I am a little emotional about it as my kids are my life- but I'm sure once we are actually on vacation and hear that they dont miss us much we will have a BLAST!
We are celebrating our 6 year anniversary (a little early) and can't wait for the time to ourselves :)
In the meantime- I will continue to be emotional at the thought of leaving my little ones.
Presley is getting pretty darn good at sitting up on her own. She also has learned to hold her own bottle this week which has been a wonderful help in this crazy house! She also is now sleeping unswaddled which has been a welcomed change also.
Vander gets smarter and more insane everyday. He has an incredible amount of energy which I am highly envious of! Wish I could have the energy that Van has! He has the cutest, sweetest personality and LOVES to be with people. He spents alot of his day playing in the backyard and keeping himself busy. We cannot WAIT until the day sissy can start playing with him!
Heres a few photos of them this week!
And yes.... Vander DOES have a headband on in almost all of these pictures ;) I did NOT put it on him for the record...