Monday, September 24, 2012

September Randomness

Not much new this month-
Prelsey is eating solids- Still not sitting up on her own or holding her bottle like her brother was at this age. I have determined that she may end up being as lazy as her mother and father ;) She is still an absolute angel baby! Truely the happiest baby on the block! She loves to move and flip around in all directions. Her best talent is somehow flipping herself onto her tummy while swaddled like a mummy- then proceeding to un-swaddle herself each night.
Vander is an absolute riot as usual. An extremely goofy kid that LOVES to giggle, run, jump, climb and scream (happy screams of excitement). He still adores his animals- Horses the most, but followed closely by Cows, Ducks, Lions and Sheep. He picks up on EVERYTHING we say and has quite the vocabulary now. He jabbers our ears off all day everyday.
(Presley just shy of 6 mos, Vander 22 months)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

D-backs game

Last night we went to the Diamond backs game with our friends the Huishs, Gundersons and the McFarlanes. All 4 of us couples went sporting our newborns and our toddlers which made for an active evening. Needless to say I think we all watched a grand total of 5 minutes of the entire game.
Surprisingly we made it from first pitch to the 6th inning before our kids were exhausted and over it.... This was the first real baseball game for both kids and we look forward to many more to come!


Monday, September 10, 2012

21 and 5 - A wee bit behind ;)

Its amazing how much more quickly the months pass when you have 2 kids rather than 1. I feel like I haven't done many monthly updates for Presley and I did one for every single month with Vander. Of course the monthly updates are mostly for me to look back on and remember their little quarks and stages- so no one else cares that I have been a total slacker other than myself.
I just swore I would never be the parent that stopped doing everything exciting for the 2nd child that I was religious about doing with my 1st. There was NO WAY I was letting Prelsey get the short end of the stick... Yet here I am nearly 6 months after she was born and I still haven't sent out her birth announcement.... FAIL
With that said... Here are some updates as to what my little stinkers are up to these days...

VANDER- 21 Months

-Is a little parrot, will repeat anything you say and imatate anything you do
-Is HILARIOUS and he knows it- Has the goofiest corkiest personality
-Loves disney movies, or basically any movie or video but they MUST include an animal
-Knows that his diaper holds "yuckies" but potty training thus far has been an epic failure
-Says bye to EVERYTHING when he leaves it. At bedtime it's... "Bye show, Bye Play, Bye Horsey, Bye car..." When he doesn't know what something is... its "Bye.... (pause a second and think)...Eh"
-He loves to wrestle- He has SO much energy and just runs in circles and jumps and climbs..
-Has become a not so good eater- Eats hardly anything- Including his favorites.
-He LOOOOOVES giving kisses. I can't help but credit myself for this. I must kiss the kid at least 100 times a day.
-He will say sorry for everything little tiny thing he does wrong, which is so sad and melts my heart- however the second he really does something wrong... SILENCE
-He has hit "MINE!!!!" phase... Everything is MINE!!!!, I'm already excited for that part of this phase to pass

PRESLEY - 5 Months

-LOVES to sleep- Her daily schedule is as follows... Sleep from 7:30pm to 7:30am, Wake up 7:30, Back to sleep by 9, Sleeps from 9-11:30, Wakes at 11:30, Back to sleep at 1:30, sleeps until 4ish... My daughter is awake a whopping 7 hours or so a day!
-Is going to be a picky picky eater... Still spits rice cereal out with every bite
-Has had a whole array of formula.. Starting with Enfamil, then Kirkland from Costco, then Enfamil Gas, then Parents Choice Soy no milk formula.....
-Loves to roll around all over the place
-Still sleeps swaddled but somehow gets out of her swaddle at night or ends up on her tummy still in her swaddle
-Smiles with her WHOLE face. She gives the biggest happiest smiles
-Still the happiest baby ever- Rarely cries and when she does its heart breaking

Other random pics and things.....

 Playing in the backyard while it pours rain

 Trying her first Mum-mum. To no surprise... she hated it. SHOCKER

 Hanging with Daddy after church

His new go-to location while pooping... Under the dining room table

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Lake Powell Trip

This past week we took our annual family houseboat trip to Lake Powell. Its always so nice to get away and enjoy the beautiful weather and be secluded and out of touch from the world. We love our time with the family and are so grateful for this annual trip!
Last year Vander was 8 months and crawling and I was 2 months pregnant and extremely nauseous the entire time- so this year was completely different. We now had a VERY mobile 22 month old and a 5 month old. We had the whole downstairs of the house boat to ourselves, Vander and Presley in one bed and me and Joel in the other. Vander would wake up every morning at 6 (2 hours earlier than usual) and all we would hear is "Hi Sissy, Hi Mama, Hi Daddy, Hi Sissy....". We would then have to wrangle him for an hour in an attempt to not wake up the entire houseboat. He was very busy and VERY active the entire trip. Presley on the other hand spent ALMOST every waking moment in her Bumbo and was so happy the entire time. To think next year we will have a nearly 3 year old and a 17 months old.. OMG I get stressed just thinking about it :)
Such a great trip and can't wait for next year!
 Helping Bop Bop drive the houseboat
Our beautiful spot!
 This is pretty much what she did ALL week. Sit in her Bumbo, happy as a clam!
This is what Vander did almost all week... Run up and down the hall of the houseboat and jump on the master bed with cousin Reese :)
 Bath time on the back of the houseboat. I can't resist that adorable little bubble butt!
 My mom did Vanders hair while I wasn't there, I came back to a side part and no mohawk. I was taken back at first because he looks like a different kid! It was definately photo worthy- but his mohawk quickly returned :)
 Sink bath time! A powell grandkid tradition
 Sleeping like a champ
 Still playing in the Bumbo..
 Play time with Bop Bop
 Vanders very first powell rock jumping! It was a solid 1.5 footer!
 Best buddy cousins!
 This lil sis was NOT a fan of her life jacket
 Grandma and sis. They were BUDDIES this entire trip.
Helping Bop Bop drive the ski boat.
 The highlight of my ENTIRE trip.. Watching Vander ski on the water ski trainer my dad bought the grandkids. I never thought in a million years he'd actually get on it, let alone ride by himself 20 feet behind the ski boat!