Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Haircut

For those who have known Van from the beginning, you know that he has always had a mane of hair. And he has had his signature mohawk since he was about 2 days old. But, lately it is getting a little out of hand. With the recent onset of his strawberry blonde color, and his hair finally filling in where it had fallen out, he was well overdue for his first haircut! Even after the haircut his hair remains out of control, but at least it is slighly tamed... :)

And after.... :)

Back to the grind....

A mostly uneventful week at the Ingram household... Joel and I both had to go back to work this week which has been extremely trying. But I am VERY happy to say that I have received a job offer for an at home job which I will be starting on March 7th :) What a huge blessing! There is nothing worse than leaving Vander every morning at 6am and missing his "Talk Time" in the mornings.
Heres a small recap of our now kinda boring life :)

 Nap time after work with Joel. He moved himself to that position all my himself :)

The first of MANY of Daddy's softball games. It was SO cold.

 Grandma was keeping him warm and bundled so he could watch the games :)

 He visited me at work one day. One of my Co-workers put him right to work! He was a natural born Short Sale Negotiator :)

Recently he has taken a liking to the old traditional binkys. They are much cuter :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rollin' and other good stuff!

This week marks a very exciting milestone for Vander! Vander can officially roll over!! We caught his 2nd attempt on video :) Then as always, other random photos to follow :)

Fresh and Clean right out of the bath! He LOVES bathtime!
Such a little stud in his new Tapout shirt Bop Bop got him!
Joel and Vander chillin in the back of the pathfinder :)
Almost ready for church, just chillin out in his Bumbo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day + Random Pictures

We had an awesome Valentines Day this year! Joel surprised me and took me to ChuckECheese. Many may find this odd.. but something you may not know is that mine and Joels first date (roughly 8 years ago when we were both 16) was to ChuckECheese and our first Valentines Day was spent at ChuckECheese. So in celebration of our still young at heart marriage we took a little visit town memory lane. Only difference was, this time we had our beautiful and very fun little boy with us! Here is documentation of our fun and VERY romantic (hehehe) night at ChuckECheese. :)

This looks like hes holding his "booking" card. Like hes going to jail. Haha
So excited to play games with ALL his tokens!
Joel and Vander playing Vanders first arcade race game.
Daddy and Son having SO MUCH fun :)Vander was smiling so much that he ended up with spit all over his mouth and carrier. :)

So to take a trip down memory lane... below are photos from Vday 8 years ago back in Highschool :) Straight from the Ingram Archive....

ChuckECheese 8 years ago :)

ChuckECheese 2/14/2011

ChuckECheese 8 years ago :)

ChuckECheese 2/14/2011
I realize by showing those photos that I am also clearly documenting both of our weight gain over the years ;)

Happy Valentines day!!

Our studly mans church outfit
Just chillin on Daddy
Time with Bop Bop
Nap time :)
The bink may not need to be in his mouth... but some contact required while sleeping :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vander Update

Nothing exciting to report in the Ingram household this week but I thought I'd at least post a few random pictures. Vander has been kicking like CRAZY, the kid cannot sit still so it's tough to catch a still photo :)

Vanders stats at his 2 mo appointment:
Height : 24 1/2 inches (85th percentile)
Weight : 12lbs 12oz (60th percentile)
Head: 15 3/4 cent (45th percentile)

He just barely started figuring out his exersaucer and loves to bounce on it and make it sing.
Just chillin in his car seat :)
This is the new face he makes in almost every picture because of the "preflash" on our camera. The light makes him open his eyes all wide and crazy like :)
A WILD Braves fan already ;)
Tummy Time!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Boy Chair

Vander used his high chair for the first time yesterday. He was so content just chillin in it for about an hour. I snapped this cute photo and I could resist posting it :) I love him!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Denver, Salt Lake and Misc :)

This past two weeks we took a nice lonnnnnng road trip to Denver, and then Salt lake. We were a little nervous to drag our poor 2 month old on such a long road trip, but he ended up sleeping the ENTIRE drive (with 3 hour waking intervals to eat ;) ). He was SO good which made the trip extremely enjoyable! Only after we left Denver, and then left Salt Lake did we realize that we took a grand total of 6 pictures on our entire trip. We are seriously pathetic. So, needless to say the trip was very poorly documented. We did have a chance to see almost every family member between Denver and Salt Lake so it was a very successful trip!! Here are our few photos, followed by a few random photos taken over the past month :)
Vanders first hotel stay in Albuquerque.. It was a little rough without a crib. But we survived!
Sleepin with his favorite night time blanket.
The 4 generations of Ingrams. Grandpa Chester, Grandpa Bruce, Joel and Vander :)
Grandma and Grandpa Ingram. Grandmas a trooper for holding him only 1 day after getting home from the hospital!
Vander loves to sleep on his daddy's lap why daddy plays xbox :) Thats his favorite napping position.
Going to church!

My two men ;)

Grammy Ingram and Vander
Sammy and Vander
Vanders first time in his bumbo. He loves it!
Vanders first time in his Jumper Bumper. Hes a little two small so we have to shove a blanket around him. But he loves it also. :)