Monday, June 23, 2008


So everyone is always riding my case that I never post anything... And I truly would if something exciting EVER happened in my life.... So tonight we are having family night and my brother in-law says that his friends dad is giving away makeup from his company and we can go take a look and take whatever we want.. So I though, sweet! Free makeup!!! Well we go over to their house and they have 4 HUGE boxes of Covergirl makeup, along with bags of toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, crest white strips and more!!! I spent 45 minutes going through boxes and the results are shown below!! After adding up the estimate cost of each item, I figured out that we walked away with about $600 in makeup and other stuff. Talk about something exciting to post about!!! And talk about an amazing blessing!
Also, on another very exciting high note.... my sister-in-law got engaged tonight!!! Congrats Jessica!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!Finally an awesome guy that treats her amazing! :) We love you Tye!