Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 and 11 Months... A little delayed :)

I have done a TERRIBLE job of updating our blog over the past month. So much has happened and yet its the one month that I struggled to take any pictures and post any updates. I will try to do a brief overfew of the past month and then post the few pictures that I have taken.
Vander turns 11 months this week, INSANE. I need to start planning his 1st birthday party which is just around the corner!
-Vander took his first real steps (more than 3 in a row) on October 6th when he was about 10.5 months.
-Now that he is just shy of 11 months he is using walking as his main form of transportation, but he still crawls here and there. He is getting to the point where he gets excited and starts to walk really fast and then EATS it.
-Vanders 1st 2 teeth (top 2) just broke through about 2 weeks ago. Now his bottom 2 are in the works
-He jibber jabbers constantly and looks at you as if you should know exactly what hes saying
-He LOVES water and just chugs it- He has also started on Whole Milk which he loves as well
-His favorite foods right now are anything with Syrup- Pancakes, Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Waffles... etc but the kid will eat ANYTHING put in front of him (with the exception of MOST fruits)
-He points at EVERYTHING. He is constantly pointing at random things everywhere
-He loves his train table more than any toy in this entire house. He could spend hours in the loft on that thing.
-He is obsessed with his daddy. He follows Joel everywhere in the house.
-He loves to dance and starts dancing everytime he hears music
-He enjoys just sitting and watching other people. At the playplace he would sometimes rather sit and just watch the kids play then actually play
-As always, he is constantly smiling and laughing- truly one of the happiest babies I have ever seen

 At the Pumpkin Patch and festival - Train ride with Daddy

 He was SO excited. All smiles and wouldn't let go of the steering wheel

 Just pointing... at.... corn

 Loving life on Joels shoulders. Best Buddies.

 Auntie Jess and Van Man

 Pointing to the goats

 He wasn't thrilled with being set on the hay... Couldn't get a smile to save our lives

 He was VERY excited about his Pizza

 Yes- He made this mess all by himself.. How he got pizza on his forehead I have not a clue

 Struggling with our new 8am church time... Its nap time by the end of Sacrament Meeting

Calming his teething blues with a good ol Oreo!

 One of many videos of his first steps. :)

 Vanders first time on Daddy's new toy. His excitement is about equivalent to mine....