Tuesday, March 24, 2009

P90X- Take Two!

Back in November Joel and I decided we'd purchase P90X (The workout/diet system) for ourselves for Christmas. However, what we quickly found is that starting a VERY intense work out and diet regimen would be incredibly difficult right in the heart of the holidays. So we said we'd start after the holidays.... Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, and here it is almost 5 months later and gosh darn it we're finally starting again!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bowlin with the PLOTTS!

Joel's mission companion Eric Plott and his wife Ashton came to visit from Palm Desert this weekend. We had an absolute blast hanging out with them and wish they lived here :) After they left, I noticed we didn't take a single picture with them (Sad!), but dont worry, I did manage to capture this picture of my STELLER bowling score! 158 may not be a good score to most, but I think I've only broken 100 about 3 times in my life. Luckly we had wagered that the losing couple buys dessert! ;)
Until next time Plotts... :)

Colorado + a new nephew!

My sister Tarah and I made the 14 hour drive up to Colorado to surprise my sister Amber who was being induced last Sunday. Luckily we managed to pull off the surprise and she was dumb-struck when she saw us standing on her front porch! Just a few long days later..(haha) she had my newest baby nephew, Taz Tyler Carlson!
He is just as sweet as the other two, and both Tarah and I are very sad that we will not be able to closely watch this one grow up before our eyes :( (Thank goodness for Blogs!)
Congrats to Amber and Tyler on their newest addition!!

(Take note of the GREEN in the photos.... Baby Taz was born on St. Patricks Day!!)

Me and My Sis Amber! She looks amazing for only having the baby an hour ago! :)
Me and my very newest nephew TAZ!
Brooklyn, Boston and Taz.... Their first encounter :)
Warming up to their new little brother :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am the team "mama" or MANAGER for my husband and dads men's softball league... I am very proud to announce that tonight we won FIRST PLACE in the league tournament!!
I love supporting their softball team, its one of my favorite hobbies!!