Thursday, August 18, 2011

9 Months....

The past 9 months have just FLOWN by. I cannot believe I have a 9 month old! Over the past month Vander has grown up so much. He definately has his very own very strong personality. He started crawling just over a week ago and he is already getting quite fast. He is such a happy and sweet little boy and he makes our home such a happy place! We have never felt so incredibly blessed in our lives. Joel and I look at eachother daily and just say "He is the most AMAZING boy in the world". I can only hope that Vander knows how much we love an adore ever second we get with him.
With that said, in light of Vanders 9 month "birthday" tomorrow... heres what he's up to these days.....

-Crawling ALL over the place- Loves to explore EVERYTHING
-He can pull himself up on things- ANYthing
-He can stand by himself for a couple of minutes without falling with a toy in his hand
-He loves to jump in his crib for a few minutes before we go and get him
-He is sleeping like a CHAMP- Solid from 7:30pm to about 8am
-He adores his train table- although he doesn't play with the trains, he just destroys the set and sucks on all the pieces
-He loves watching the dogs wrestle and play with eachother
-He steals the dogs toys and loves when they try to get them back
-He loves pens, straws and spoons
-He loves to play on the piano- more accurately, pound on the piano
-He loves anything water related- swimming, baths, lake trips
-He has just begun giving a cute scowl/glare at random times to random people
-He is yet to refuse any kind of food- The kid will eat ANYTHING put in front of him
-He can say Dada, Mama and I think he can almost say "Dog". (As a cute note, he thinks Mama is Dada and Dada is Mama)
-He giggles and laughs at just about anything- He is practically always smiling

To watch him learn and grow has just made me the most proud mommy in the world. The littlest things he learns are just so exciting to me and Joel. Vander is so loved and we are SO grateful for every day we have with him.
On a quick side note- Vander just found out this past month that he is going to have a baby brother/sister come March 2012. For those without facebook, you may have missed the annoucement. We are SO excited to add another to our family and for Vander to have a sibling close in age. Stay tuned for a much anticipated gender announcement :)
Now here are some pictures of Vander taken over the past month. I've done a terrible job blogging and need to do better!!

 This photo is curtesy of Auntie Jessica- I love this smile ;)

Doing his favorite thing in the world... destroying his train table

 Eating his first Oreo cookie on the boat

 The aftermath of his first Oreo Cookie :)

 Enjoying the ride with Mama

 Chillin with Dada

 First tube ride with Broolyn and Daddy- He was a champ! Fearless!

 Enjoying the breeze

 Dave and Busters with Bop Bop

 He loves holding himself up on his crib and jumping- He looks like hes in jail in this pic

 Hanging out on his train table

 My little stud muffin ;)

 Hanging out on his ottoman of toys.

 Vanders annoucement :)

His new big boy carseat! He was getting a WEE bit too big for his infant carseat