Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lake Powell 2013

This week was our annual family trip to Lake Powell on my parents houseboat. We were only able to make it up for a few days this year, but it was still a blast! I was a little leery to even go this year with Presley being as active and daring as she is. That, paired with us being surrounded by water made me a little nervous. It turned out great and the kids had so much fun! Thank you Bop Bop and Grandma for yet another great trip on the houseboat!!

 The only way I felt comfortable with her coming; a fully floatable, extremely ugly suit

 "The Burrito"

 (beard problems... drinking shakes)

 His extensive collection of shells

 Completely exhausted

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Lovin' and Updates!

I have done a terrible job taking pictures lately and updating things. I feel like with the crazy heat and my business booming we don't get out of the house often these days!
I feel like I haven't done much updating on either of my kids, especially Presley (poor neglected thing). Maybe thats because the time I would normally have to blog about her I spend cleaning up her disasters or pulling her off the top of things.
Presley is our crazy girl (17 months and counting down the days til Nursery!). We often refer to her as "nuts" because thats the very best discription. She is constantly distroying something or climbing onto something. On top of it, she literally runs around the house moving from room to room as a little tornado. The girl very rarely walks around, she is constantly running and flailing her arms all over the place while she does. She is OBSESSED with shoes. She will bring them to you several times a day and say "shhhhhOES". She loves to be wrapped up like a burrito in her blankee and is now obsessed with her blankee even more than her brother is with his. When you put her to bed, she pounds around like a flopping fish in her crib making loud booming noises that we often have to explain to guests. She loves playing outside and now is a master at using the dog door as her door (oy vey). She had 4 teeth up until about 2 months ago. Then in two months time she got about 10 more at least. She'll eat almost anything you put in front of her. She LOVES to give hugs and kisses, but to get her to cuddle with you is a special treat as it doesn't happen too often. She thinks that every naughty thing she does is hilarious and does everything with a giant smile on her face. She keeps to herself and will go off and play wherever she wants whenever she wants and couldn't care less where everyone else is. She is adorable and hilarious and exhausting but we ADORE her.
Vander is hilarious (2.5 Years). He is the sweetest most loving cuddle bug. He is always saying "Thank you so much Mama" and "You're my best friend mama". Just melts my heart. Hes a total mamas boy and has me wrapped around his finger. He underfortunatley has a love for all things girly but mostly My Little Pony and Disney Princesses. I understand that it is a phase, but Joel isn't loving this phase so much. Meanwhile we have Presley playing next to him with a snake hissing...
Vander loves to cuddle, loves to run, still LOVES to scream and just have a good time. He LOVES singing, absolutely loves it. Every movie that has a song he knows the words and asks me to sing too.Vander likes everything in a certain order and a certain place. If something is out of place, it MUST be put back into its place or he will throw a total fit. His room has to be perfectly clean when he goes to bed and his pillows must all be laying the right direction, in the right place, etc. If something is done a certain way the first time, he will not let you change the way it is done the second time. He may or may not have gotten that from me :) He is a home body and very rarely wants to go out and do anything. His ideal night is staying in and watching a movie or playing.

Alright, now that I've updated my notes on my crazy kiddos. Here are a few pics from over the last month, and mostly from the splash pad today!