Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swimming, Peeing and Destroying....

Nothing much new around these parts!
Vander is taking swimming lessons this summer. He started out the first 2 days crying/screaming the whole time. Then day 3 was just a small amount of crying, and so far we've past day 5 and have no more tears. He is doing GREAT. He had to learn to close his mouth and not drink the entire pool. He also had to learn to blow bubbles which apparently I have never taught him- fail...
We are still in the middle of the lengthy process of potty training Vander. He has peeing down pat, now we just gotta master the #2 :)
Sis is just insane. I cannot explain her any other way. She is into everything, she runs around (literally)  and destroys the house as quickly as possible. She also will climb up onto anything and is a crazy daredevel! Yesterday while chatting on the phone with my dad, I turned around to find her on the 4th step of a ladder. Shes jabbers a bit, but is mostly a silent assassin. Please also note that in 85% of her pictures her hair is in her face. No matter what I do to hold her hair back she rips out within minutes- its a losing battle.

Monday, June 3, 2013

April & May - Fun and Sun :)

Today I went to look through pictures and realized that I haven't posted in over 2 months. Wow, oops.
I guess its because nothing noteworthy happened, just everyday life, so I don't think to post!
So here are just a few pictures from the last 2 months. Or, alot of pictures I guess :)
We celebrated Joels 28th Birthday! Whoa... Time flies!
We played in the backyard lots!
We went to the Diamond Backs game where a player threw Vander a ball.
We took our first swim of the season.
Vander wore his killer "Basketball Hat"
I went to the Taylor Swift concert with my niece Brooklyn.
Presley got into trouble and destroyed the whole house...