Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week in Lake Powell

This past week we had the chance to go to Lake Powell for an entire week on my parents houseboat. It was SO wonderful to be away from work and the everyday hussle and bussle of life.
Vander was a champ the entire time! Slept like a champ and happy as a clam. He had a blast playing with his cousins, swimming. playing in the sand and riding in the ski boat.
He was very spoiled by his grandma the entire trip and learned to come to your legs when he wants to be picked up (thanks A LOT grandma for teaching him this ;) ). Such an amazing trip. I can't wait til next year!

 His first experience painting. It was an absolute mess, but he had a blast. Thank you Tarah!

 We got more on his hands and the table than we did on the actual wind-catcher

 Swimming with Daddy

 This isn't actually at Lake Powell- Its a few days prior at Canyon Lake, but it seemed to fit nicely in this post :)

 His first experience in a lake- This also is Canyon Lake

 Night time bathtime in the sink.

 Sleeping like a rock after a long day in the sun.

 Just floating at Powell

 Vander favorite place to play in the houseboat. By the ice maker. :)

 Swimming in the clear water of beautiful Navajo Canyon

 Most of the clan

 Sporting daddy's $3 glasses from Walmart.

 A constant theme- Nap on daddy on the way home from swimming somewhere.

 Bop Bop let Vander drive the boat. All he wanted to do was push the buttons and play with the throttle.

Swimming as a family