Monday, June 8, 2009

Rocky Point Mexico!

Yes.... we did go to Mexico turning the peak of Swine Flu Season... Call us crazy :)
but we all made it out alive!!!
Last weekend we took a family trip to Rocky Point Mexico! (THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!)
My sisters posted the trip on their blogs the day they got back... I post mine a week and two days later :)
We had an amazing time and loved spending some time with the long lost Carlsons :)

This was some of the best guacamole we've ever had... And probably the cheapest too which made it taste even better!
Joel was boogie boarding almost the entire time and I refused. Then with only one day left there I finally let him teach me and I LOVED IT! We had a blast!
So much fun together!
This is the private villa we stayed in as a family! Great memories!
Sportin our boogie boards :)

The kitchen
Family Room
Overall it was a very relaxed weekend. A nice breath of fresh air! I wish I took more pictures but I didn't want to bring my camera to the beach and have it ruined by water and sand.

San Francisco California!

A few weekends ago my Grandma and Grandpa Craig were awesome enough to fly me and Joel to their home in California to spend the weekend with them! Joel had a blast golfing his life away all weekend, and we had fun just relaxing and getting away from the hussle and bussle of our everyday life!
The only day we took pictures was the day we took a trip to San Francisco, it was INCREDIBLE!

We started our day at an aquarium on the pier. The aquarium was basically an underground tunnel with water and fish surrounding us. By far the coolest aquarium I've ever been to!

These are real jellyfish.... Insanely CREEPY jellyfish
We got to stand in the tunnel while we watched a giant school of fish swim around us.
We also got to touch a shark and a stink ray!
At this pearl shop you actually get to pick out an oyster and watch them open it. Then you get to keep the pearl!! I got a nice big one out of my oyster! (Thanks Aunt Debbie!!)
We got to ride through San Francisco on an OLD trolley car!!
Our adorable Grandma and Grandpa!! They spoiled us ROTTEN!!
Joel eating some AUTHENTIC chinese food in China Town... He was less than thrilled at the quality. Of course, the only thing he has to compare it to is PF Changs :) (Josh's face in the background sums it all up :) )
In China town standing in front of a butcher shop with Peking Ducks DANGLING in the window... Ew.