Saturday, November 17, 2012

Van Man Turns 2!!

I have no idea where the last 2 years went... While on one hand I can't even remember what it was like before I had kids, on the other, I feel like Vander was just born. What an incredible 2 years it has been and what a HUGE blessing this little boy has been in our life. He is the happiest, most easily excited, loving and cuddly boy. If I had to create my perfect little boy- he would be it! Both Joel and I feel blessed everyday for our little man and love to watch him grow!
So last night we celebrated Vanders 2nd birthday with the family. I will go into that in just a few, but first.. heres what Van Man is up to these days...

-As usual- he LOVES animals- but the real obsession is horses
-He loves giving kisses and getting kisses
-He hates going to sleep- but loves the books the come before hand- His favorites.. the "Re" book (The Wide Mouth Frog), EIEIO and His horsey book
-He loves to brush my hair while going through every one of my brushes one by one
-He loves watching the "Meh" shows with his daddy- AKA- Hunting shows
-He loves to be outside, which is nothing new- but hes just growing more indepedant about it. He'll go outside and jump on the trampoline, rearrange the rocks, play in his car, and the dog water... ew.
-He can keep the tune of most any song and knows many words to common kid songs like "Twinkle Twinkle"
-He can count to 10 all by himself
-He loves the ipad and could sit on it all day playing games if we let him
-He is a people person- he wants someone with him at all times if possible- I loves to talk your ear off or just have you present in the same room
-He often will drag Joel and I away from work by the hand to where hes playing point to a seat and say "Mommy.... Here".. or "Daddy...Here"... Nothing melts my heart more
-He is becoming more obsessed with his blankee everyday. While it used to be a struggle to keep it in his room- it is now a struggle to keep it from being dragged outside...
-He has his moments of tantrum- and will sometimes slap us- after which we just give him a firm grip and a stare and he will quickly get a pouty lip and say he's sorry
-If he thinks he has made you sad he starts pouting and will come give you a big hug
-He is the most tenderhearted and fun loving kid with SO much energy!

So now onto the party... We decided we are going to big friend party every other year, and on the other years keep it low key with the fam. This year we had his family party and this time is was an "EIEIO party". He was SO excited when he woke up from his nap to see farm party decor all over downstairs. We didn't do much- just a pinata for the kids- which was an epic fail because it wouldn't break... and cupcakes and icecream! Vander also was extremely spoiled with gifts and I am now struggling to find a location for all his new things- not to mention that Christmas is around the corner and its only going to get worse!
Vander is truely blessed to have so many family members so close to help him celebrate his 2nd birthday!! Thank you to Vander for making this the best 2 years of my life!
It wouldn't be a good BIRTHday post without taking a tiny look back at his BIRTHday ;)
 Yup- That was me getting ready to leave for the hospital to be induced- Huuuuuuuuuge

Two years later...

  His barn was a decoration... until it was discovered- then its like he hadn't played with it in years...

 Dinner was Vans favorites.... Homemade Mac-n-Cheese, Grapes and Strawberrys :)

 A HUGE shoutout to Becca who made homemade Mac-n-Cheese for the entire fam. Thats a pretty amazing friend and neighbor if you ask me!

 This picture is CLASSIC.......

Even Presley had a try
 After Maddux hit it so hard that it came off the rope, all kids proceeded to jump on it.. which also didn't work... FAIL...

Eventually we pulled it apart- Vander immediately was stuffing chocolate in his face
 After his face was sufficiently lathered in chocolate.. it was deemed time to give girlfriend Blake a kiss :)
 The moment everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him he turned into a clam

 Terrified to blow out the candle- Death grip on Bop Bop- Daddy ended up helping :)
He was more interested in lining up every animal that everyone gave him from the cupcakes then actually eating the cupcake.

Prelsey just watching with excitement!

 Pure happiness...
and then....
 The horses appeared....

And then he went from toy to toy to toy for the next 2 hours.. ;)
Thank you family for helping us celebrate!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jumpy Jump Pillow Fort

For Vanders 2nd birthday we got him a trampoline- Its a "My First Trampoline" so its the perfect size for him! We actually gave it to him about 3 months ago (yes, 3 months before his birthday) because Joel could not resist assembling it the day we received it.
Anywho... Vander loves to "Jumpy Jump" as he calls it and we often look out the window and find him out there jumping (because he goes through his special door... aka- the dog door).
The other day during the day Joel took all of our couch pillows out there and turned the trampoline into a pillow jungle. Vander loved it!!
So tonight Joel and Vander hit the trampoline again- only this time they packed it with pillows and blankets. They looked at the stars.. or all the stars you can see in the middle of Gilbert, looked at passing planes, built a blanket fort and so on. Tiny tears were shed when Vander was informed that it was bedtime and time to pack everything up. This could be a new favorite nighttime activity in this house! Vander is very lucky to have such a fun daddy who loves him so much!!

 Looking at the stars...

 Pretending to sleep- Van likes to fake snore :)

 Pure JOY

Sissy just ate while all the fun took place :)
These were taking the other day....


Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Festival : Pumpkins : Halloween

The only thing better than having a kid on Halloween is having 2! Eventhough Presley had not a clue what was going on- she at least looked dang cute while clueless.
My mom was so kind as to get both of my kids costumes for them this year and they both turned out so cute! Presley was a Gold Fish. And Vander was the monster from Where the Wild Things Are.
We took a trip to the neighborhood Fall Festival hosted by my ward at the park a few doors down. Joel was on his blasted hunting trip so he wasn't there with us. Luckly Grammy Wendy was there to help me wrangle the little ones. This was the first year that we actually lasted through the trick or treating portion of the festival! Vander had a blast dancing to the music.
Then a few nights later we enjoyed pumpkin carving and delicious soup with our buds at the Henderson's. I dont think I actually got a single picture of our finish products, but if you know my husband at all, you know he just carves squares.. Well- usually SQUARE (not plural) ;) But this year he went WILD and carved 3 squares.
And then of course there was Halloween. A few weeks prior to Halloween we had gone to a Halloween party in which Vander was scared to DEATH of a masked kid in a Spider man costume. For weeks now at random moments of the day he will mutter quietly "Spider man scare me". For that reason, we thought that Halloween night was going to be a nightmare with all of the FAR more scary costumes that would be roaming about. Instead after a few doors he was a champ and was getting the hang of it. Getting him to say trick or treat was practically impossible- but he did say "Thank you" and "Bye Bye". On our way to almost every door he would get excited and say "Mo Candy!".
I love the holidays and adore my babies even more!
 Vander loved his and sissys own little pumpkins. They were more like balls to him...

 Cutest lil fishy ever!

 Vander was so mad that we put him in that costume despite all his efforts and tantrums- He wouldn't even make eye contact with me.
 Our trick or treating blanket at the Fall Festival

 Presley prompty passed out in Grammys arms.

 Vander kept walking to these poor peoples blanket and standing in the middle of it. He loved their pumpkins and candles. They were so kind to let me take a pic of my son plopped on their blanket

My little Monster ;)
He took of his hat and danced to the music for about 30 minutes straight

 Carving Pumpkins with the Hendersons :)

 Vander was not such a fan. One look at that pile of junk and he was GONE

 What better to give a kid an hour past his bedtime then I big swig of Mountain Dew? I did NOT approve... but I did take the photo ;)

 This is all sis did the entire time... Sit in the Bumbo and watch everyone with a smile on her face

Vander experienced his first kiss that night.... Girlfriend Blake Henderson- First kiss :)
(My timing was NOT correct with this photo- but at least the moment was documented)
Making pumpkin pancakes on Halloween morning


 Grandma and Baby girl. She was enjoying those M&M's.. You like that mo-hawk? Oh yeaaahhh

 Vander and P with cousin Maddux. Getting ready for business...

 The whole clan headed out. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could see Presleys face?

 Vander trick or treating with Aunt Gaga (Jessica)

Riding in style- Now thats the way to trick or treat