Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lets get this party started....

So 3 days ago Joel and I started an INSANE fitness and nutrition program called P90X!
We took our "before" photos and I hope that in 90 days I will be able to post again with both our before and after pictures. I am DETERMINED to lose the weight that I have gained since getting married, and by posting this message I am hoping that everyone will hold me accountable! If you see me eating ANYTHING unhealthy, I give you permission to slap me.

So... COMING February 2009, Healthier, Sexier and HAPPIER Ingram's ;)

I will post updates at least monthly :) I know.. the anticipation will kill you :)

For the record... and so I can be embarassed enough to never give up....
I am 5'6", I weigh 147, wear a size 10 and my body fat percentage is 22% GAG!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Stars by Ronda!

My mom has started her own little company called Stars By Ronda.
These stars are ADORABLE, Photos do NOT do them justice!
The stars make for a PERFECT gift and are absolutely beautiful decorations!
Each star is Custom Designed and Handmade after your own personal style and most are made with special requests....
But, she also has a "showroom/garage" full of these beautiful stars and people are always welcome to come by to have a look!
Please visit her site at