Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vander Lee Ingram

Vander was born on 11/19/2010 weighing in at 7 lbs 10.5oz and 21 inches long! I was induced at about 10am on the 18th, and ended up having him at 4:42pm on the 19th... after 24 hours of active labor :)
He has been absolutely amazing!! Hes a wonderful and very happy baby. And, as most do, sleeps 99% of the time. For this reason I really only have pictures of him sleeping :) More photos to come soon!!!

Last photo of me while HUGE and preggo!! Getting ready to head out to be induced!

And last picture of Me and Joel pre-parenthood :) Taken during labor... Joel was the most amazing "coach" I could have asked for!!

Joels first time holding the little man. He was bright eyed and looking at everyone.

Meeting Vander for the first time :)

Only a few hours old.

Bundled up after his first bath :)

This is how Joel and Vander fall asleep every single night. It knocks Vander out in 2 seconds. :)

Sleepin in his bouncer

Van man sportin his faux-hawk

The most recent event in the Ingram household... projectile vomit ALL over Joel. Joel was thrilled :)