Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend :)

Joel and Vander after a Christmas Eve Morning Hike up South Mountain :) Vanders very first hike! And he loved every second...

The whole fam Christmas morning... As you can imagine... we were all a little tired from waking up every 3 hours in the night ;)

Joel Ryan and Vander Christmas morning

I felt like I would be a neglectful mother if I didn't get Vander a stocking for his first Christmas.... So I got him a big stocking and tried to be super excited for him for every item I pulled out....

Vanders very first tie! He looks thrilled....

And Vanders presents that I wrapped... and then I unwrapped.....

Check out Vanders cute skull Christmas pj's! I love them!

A relaxing Christmas afternoon nap...

Christmas morning at the Craigs

His 2nd time going to church- But first time in his cute little church pants!

Smores on Sunday night at Bop Bop and Grandmas house :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Annual Sweater Palooza

Last night was the Annual Sweater Palooza (Ugly sweater Christmas party), hosted by my dear sister Tarah. I had a hard time sporting my NASTY sweater.. but my husband seemed right in his element... A special note... the mustache was a ONE NIGHT occurrence and was shaved immediately upon arriving home. It sure did complete the outfit though! :) We had a ton of fun! Thank you to Tarah for the invite!!

My extremely attractive husband ;)I could hardly look at him all night with that stupid mustache

Somehow Tarah actually managed to pull off the "Ugly Sweater" look quite nicely... I can't say the same for myself. The sweater made my newly acquired baby pooch more apparent than it already is.

Because it took a lot of effort to let the guys let us take a picture at all... I feel as though I must post it :)

The womens amazing pyramid.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Palm Desert Road Trip

This week we took a brief 3 day trip to Palm Desert California to visit one of Joel's mission companions- Eric and his wife Ashton :) We had an amazing time, but the highlight was our 10 minute trip up a tram on Mount San Jacinto which took us from the 75 degree desert to a 38 degree mountain forest :) What a blast! Thank you Eric and Ashton for a great trip and a ton of fun!

We weren't quite expecting the 38 degree weather at the top... thus we resulted to shoving our child in daddys sweatshirt :)

This picture does not show how freezing we were! But look at the amazing view of the valley!

Me and Van, both as bundled as we prepared for... which, wasn't sufficient.

Standing on snow. The only picture that proves that it was cold :)

The clan

Bundled in his car seat. A lady in passing commented in horror "OMG, I'm sure hes so cold... I can't believe you didn't cover his face, I would have definitely covered his face"... I donno what would be worse, me SUFFOCATING my child, or his face being a little cold... Hmmmm.. toss up! ;)

This picture doesn't do this hill justice... We walked up a 1/4 mile hill that was extremely steep!! Our butts got an incredible workout!

A beautiful view of the Mountain Valley.

A view from the tram.

Headed home on the tram! What an awesome trip!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vander Newborn Photos

Here are Vander's new born pictures! My great friend Aubry Startin ( did his new born pictures and she did an absolutely fabulous job! Our little guy was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the entire shoot :) He's a happy baby and we ADORE him. Thank you Aubry for the amazing pictures!!