Monday, March 24, 2014

Christmas / Anniversary / Camping and More! 4 Months of Updates!

I have been taking pictures, but haven't had the time to update our blog! So basically from the start of the Christmas holiday to now, I have posted nothing. Just to get caught up, I will post the pictures from this time period, but that's just about it!
A brief overview....
In December we had a gingerbread decorating contest with our friends the LeBarons and the Hendersons (2nd Annual). It was a blast.
Then fast forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas... We did our annual traditions with the Ingram Family including the Christmas Tree Game and Bingo. We also added an awesome Nativity put on by Tarah and Drew :).
For Christmas my sister and her family were in town so it was a happening day! Its so great to get everyone all together and all the grandkids running a muck. The kids received far too many toys and were spoiled out of their minds. The kids big gift from mom and dad was a Power Wheels which Van loves driving and sis loves being a passenger of.
Another special aspect of Christmas day is that we announced to our family that we are expecting baby #3 to arrive August 2014! I was just a mere 6 weeks along at the time- but at the time of writing this, I am now 18 weeks! WAHOO! Almost half way!!
Shortly after Christmas Joel and I took a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas for our 7 year anniversary. I had morning sickness most of the trip but it was still amazing! We saw shows, did a TON of walking and ate an obnoxious amount of food. We will be doing another weekend Vegas trip soon as that was a good one!!!
Then we went to transportation day for the 2nd year in a row. The kids had a blast and the goat at the petting zoo tried to eat us. There the kids got to crawl through cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. One of those was a camping trailer, which inspired the NEXT event that follows....
THEN this month we made a big family investment and purchased a camping trailer! We very shortly thereafter took our first family camping trip to Payson. The kids had a BLAST and we are scheduled for another trip in just a few weeks. Our goal is to try to take at least a monthly trip.